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Sunday, October 04, 2009

San Jose Rock & Roll 2009

4235 Sy Usagichan M 30-34
Half Marathon Start: Gun 8:03:09 Chip 8:07:44
Splits:5 Km10 Km10 MiFinishO'AllSexDiv

i'm quite happy about this time in spite of it being my slowest time of the 3 times I've done this!

That's mostly because I had the least amount of training and still knocked this one out. Strong up till Mile 10, whereby I slowed down a little, but otherwise I'm amazed at how consistent my pace was! I have slowed down since 3 years ago from running 6.7 mph to 6.3, and 9:33 per mile is the pace for 6.3 mph!

My training this year has been rather haphazard, doing 5 mile runs about 2 to 3 times a week and making up the rest of the other workouts on the stairmaster.

I probably could have pushed for a 2 hour finish time, but I didn't want to hurt myself either. At this juncture, I'm still feeling pretty good!

Anyhow, I'm stoked that I finished with as weak a training as I did!

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