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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kindle Tips

When I gave Scarlet a Kindle for her birthday last year, I wrote up a page worth of tips for using it. Then as more and more of my friends bought one, that page got passed around, and now Larry reminds me that it's worth posting:
  • List of free kindle books. These are mostly publisher promotions.
  • Calibre e-book management software. This lets you manage E-books that you didn't buy from Amazon, and also lets you download all of the NYTimes, to your Kindle on a daily basis. Of course, it's probably easier to just pay $9.99 a month. :-)

  • Mobile read ebook collection. All .mobi format books are essentially Kindle books. Yes, every Jane > Austen, every Sherlock Holmes, every H. Rider Haggard, Jules Verne, Victor Hugo - it's all public domain, and all free, and very nicely formatted over at Mobile read, usually better than the versions sold for money on

  • MobiPocket Creator turns all your PDFs/Microsoft Word/etc files into Kindle books. There's no Mac version, but you can always e-mail yourself documentsand have it wirelessly sent to your Kindle for about 15cents/MB.

  • Baen Books also sells $5 ebooks. Unfortunately, Baen seems to publish books for libertarian programmers rather than normal people. They do make books from other publishers available occasionally, however.

  • also has magazines you might not be able to get at (such as The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction). All their "multi-format" books are DRM free and come in Kindle format, so you can use those on your Kindle.

1 comment:

DWallach said...

On the newer Kindle 2, you can load a PDF directly. No need to monkey around with converting it to MobiPocket.