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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 10: Bellinzona to Pian S. Giacomo

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Phil slept nearly 12 hours the previous night, courtesy of some of Cynthia's drugs, and Lisa's ear acupuncture. He said he felt quite a bit better this morning, so we proceeded to head up San Bernardino pass, which was a pass that I had not seen before. It was a long climb, and a Saturday to boot, so I didn't want a long day as lodging could be hard to find on weekends.
From Tour of the German Speaking Alps 2010

Leaving the city streets behind, we quickly found ourselves heading on a mostly level road headed towards the mountains. The day was cool as we started around 7:30am, but by 8:30am it had warmed up dramatically. Since the tandem can't possibly keep up with singles on the hills, I told the others that if we got separated, they should just wait at all the water fountains. Soon, an unloaded racing cyclist road past us and Cynthia and Kekoa immediately jumped on his wheel. They disappeared into the horizon quickly.
From Tour of the German Speaking Alps 2010

The road finally steepened at Soazza, where there were road side rest rooms as well as views of a church high in the hills. At Mesocco, we stopped at a grocery store for lunch as well as to load up on groceries and ice cream. There were several fountains between Soazza and Mesocco, but somehow Cynthia and Kekoa had managed to not see any of them. After lunch, we rode up the cobblestone road and saw the road develop significant grades of 10% or more as we climbed one switchback after another.
From Tour of the German Speaking Alps 2010

Finally, the grade eased up and we were in Pian S. Giacomo. The OCD guide had said that there was a hotel in Pian Giacomo, but it was nowhere in sight. When we asked a restaurant as to whether there was a hotel in town, they said no, you'd have to go to San Bernardino for that. Then they changed their mind and said there's a hotel in town after all. We went back but rode past the hotel a second time before stopping at what looked like a restaurant to find that yes, they had an apartment they rented out.
From Tour of the German Speaking Alps 2010

It was only 2 in the afternoon, but on a Saturday, and with all of us coughing, I thought it was prudent to stop now and finish the climb in the morning.


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