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Friday, July 02, 2010


We did have a tour, but was stoped short by rain. We made it to innsbruck bit then were stuck. Never one to fight mother nature, we saw that interlaken was less rainy and so ended up there. We then did grosser scheidegg, grimsel,furka, San bernardino, klausen and sustens, where lisa and I set a new speed record: 129kph according to the Garmin 500.

Cynthia and Kekoa got tired of tandem speed and took off to take in splurgen, mallorja, Juliet, and albula as well. We'll regroup in rosenlaui on Sunday beforee Phil,Cynthia, Kekoa return to the us.


Real-Liberal said...

Passed you riding up up Grosse Scheidegg today as i was riding down: funny as I was reading your s and s coupler essay/post right before leaving for europe. Immediately recognized you from your posts. Good day to ride.

Piaw Na said...

That was awesome. I did a triple take for sure. We has a train to catch or I would have stopped to talk.