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Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Motorola Power Adapter Micro USB Rapid Charger

My Motorola Droid is a power hungry beast. Despite plugging it into my car with a micro-USB charger, the battery would not stop draining, leading me to carry a spare battery all the time, especially when planning to use the phone to provide turn by turn navigation. I thought this was the phone's fault, and just lived with the inconvenience. Then I learned that the phone drew 750mAh while navigating. I looked at my current charger and saw that it was outputting 500mAh. When I saw the Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter MicroUSB Rapid Rate Charger on sale for $3, I jumped on it. This charger puts out 950mAh, which would be plenty even for iPad users. Trying it for the first time a couple of days ago, I finally saw the phone actually charge while driving!

Note that this charger will not solve the other problem with charging the Droid: if it gets too hot, the charging circuitry shuts off to keep the battery from over-heating and exploding, so on long drives in the summer, you probably still have to carry a spare battery. But for now, I'm pretty happy with this charger. Recommended.


louisgray said...

The battery issues are the worst part about my two Android phones. If what you say is true, no wonder I am always empty after using Navigation to SF on my Epic. The Evo is similarly notorious.

Piaw Na said...

Well, in that case, just click through and buy a more powerful charger. It's only $5 even without the discount. :-)