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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pengtoh Has Started Blogging

Pengtoh has started blogging, and on a very consistent basis. This is great to see. For those of you who don't know, Pengtoh was the smartest person I knew in college, and being his roommate for one semester must have raised my IQ by at least 10%. Amongst other things, he:
  • Fixed his car's radiator with chewing gum.
  • Modded his Amiga's motherboard to fix a broken chip, and while he was at it, set it up so he could reboot without dropping the modem connection.
  • Bought a Sun 3, and fixed a fuse problem with a penny.
It's also no wonder that when he joined Google he quickly did some pretty amazing things. I was really sad to lose him at Google when he retired (partially due to certain political situations that sadly, are still not fixed at Google today). But now you can get an almost daily dose of smartness from his blog. Read it and learn! Incidentally, the other smart undergrads from my years at Cal (in no particular order) were Steve Yen, Joe Chung, Jon Blow, Insik Rhee, David Lofteness, John Mitchell, Larry Hosken, Jimmy Leftkowitz and Dan Wallach. I'm sure there are many others I'd forgotten, but it's gratifying to see how many of us have done well over the years.


Allan Banaag said...

My fondest memory of Pengtoh's brilliance comes during the eve of our first CS186 midterm. I just finished studying like crazy for the exam and was looking to relax -- Pengtoh wound up asking me to teach him to drive a stick-shift that evening. I said 'yes', and we had fun driving all over Berkeley that evening. After the lesson, I happened to ask him how long he took to study for the upcoming exam and he smiles and tells me he hasn't started. Of course, the next day, he sat beside me during the exam ... calmly started and was consulting our database textbook (it was an open book exam) as he answered the questions. We get the exam back and he scores an A+ ... from that point on, I knew he was a certified genius ...

Piaw Na said...

And we would play pool the night before finals when everyone else was studying. Pengtoh's smartness is indeed legendary.

pengtoh said...

Partners in crime, I don't remember you guys studying that hard either :)

Piaw Na said...

Yeah, but we weren't scoring the only A+ in class. :-)