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Friday, February 04, 2011

Review: Shadow of the Scorpian

Shadow of the Scorpion is a prequel to Gridlinked, starring Ian Cormac, the unbelievably competent ECS agent of the prior novel.

The novel is short and an easy read, and composes of two threads: Cormac's childhood, and his initiation into the military, where he's quickly involved in quashing a separatist movement. In this novel, he's still not quite believable, but does at least make mistakes. The thread from Cormac's childhood is pretty irrelevant. We get a set up, and there's this build up about his memories having been edited, but the payoff just wasn't there and was quite a bit of a let down.

The main thread is characteristic Asher. Lots of big explosions, violence, and cool weapons. It's a fun read for an airplane ride, but don't consider it anything deeper. Mildly recommended.

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