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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sports Basement Talk

I gave a talk about Independent Cycle Touring yesterday at the Sports Basement in Sunnyvale. It was raining and the talk was lightly attended, but everyone who attended got a sticker entitling them to 20% off store purchases. Despite that, people were enthusiastic and I had many a good question about touring. One big concern was not knowing Japanese, say, in Japan. While it's always nice to know the language, I find that knowing even a few words go a long way. My Japanese wasn't that great, but it did improve during the trip.

The slides for the talk are posted online. I can't embed them like I usually do because it's a photo-heavy talk, which meant that the power point presentation was 20MB in size!

The feedback on the book has been great, indicating that the biggest problem with the book is that I don't know how to market it!

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