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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review: Pegasus

I rarely write negative reviews of books because I usually give up reading them before getting to the end. Unfortunately, Pegasus is one of the ones that fooled me into thinking there might be something worth reading. I remember liking previous McKinley novels such as The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown.

Pegasus is ostensibly a story about a girl and her horse. Uh, Pegasus. Pegasi are an intelligent group of beings that have formed an alliance with the humans against incursions of more belligerent creatures. Traditionally, the rulers of both races have been bonded at a young age as one of the terms of the alliance. Sylvi, the heroine of the story, however, finds that at her bonding she can actually talk to her Pegasus. This is unprecedented and leads to her visiting the Pegasi in their homeland, despite opposition from the magicians who fear that their prior jobs of interpretation between the two races will be at risk.

That's it. That's the entire plot. Nothing happens while all this exposition takes place. Worse, the story ends at a cliffhanger as the real story begins. Why all this couldn't be summarized in a prologue I don't understand. The positive reviews on Amazon discuss the world-building, but I don't see any world-building in the story: there's no ecology of the pegasi, since if they were on the verge of being driven extinct how could they have existed in the first place? Most of what we see has to be taken on faith. We don't even see why there's a dependence between humans and Pegasi.

All in all, I wrote this review to warn you away from reading this book. Highly not recommended.

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