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Friday, September 30, 2011

Review: Blood of Elves

If you wanted to prove that dead-tree publishers are brain dead and will not be missed during the e-book revolution, exhibit #1 would be their handling of the Witcher saga, of which the third book is Blood of Elves. Whereas the first novel, The Last Wish was entertaining and a lot of fun, Orbit chose to release the third book in the series next, skipping over a lot of the back story for Blood of Elves.

The story revolves around Geralt's child surprise, whom he apparently recovered in the earlier book and finds himself having to care for. The novel moves forwards in spurts, with lots of time between many sections. One of the worst things, however, is that you never get a good overview of what's going on. A lot of hinting, and lots of wheels grinding in the background and a little clumsy exposition of various factions plotting.

We do see a few characters that showed up in The Witcher, but the reality is, the book ends before giving us any satisfaction.

Not recommended.

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