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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Review: The Long Run

After reading The AI War, I felt compelled to go back and read The Long Run, which I last read probably 15 years ago or so.

Daniel Keys Moran paints an rich tapestry of future, and given that this book was first published in 1989, features several new features such as the use of "web" for internet. The book reads a lot like a summer blockbuster movie. Many plot sections are improbable, and Trent, the protagonist, is cocky, sure-footed, but also has a big enough ego that he constantly makes mistakes that jeopardizes his goals. There's good use of foreshadowing all through the book, and Moran makes use of his long range plot for the series to provide quotes. Looking at The AI War, I'm disappointed that we never see Denice and Trent together again, and that loose end was never tied up.

Nevertheless, a quick, interesting read, and fun airplane novel. Recommended.

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