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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chariot CTS Cougar Followup: Palanquin Mode

I mentioned in my earlier review of the Chariot Cougar that it had 5 modes: stroller, bike trailer, jogger, skier, and hiking mode. Well, today we discovered a 6th mode: Palanquin Mode. The nicest thing about this mode is that you don't actually need to buy anything if you already have a jogger.
From Hawaii

All you need is to remove the front wheel on the jogger, station two people on the fork mount, another person on the rear handlebars, and now the Chariot Cougar doubles as a palanquin. Palanquin mode is very useful, enabling you to negotiate stairs, tree roots, steep climbs, and other obstacles normally considered impossible even for off-road capable trailers. In fact, if you retain the front wheel, you can convert back to a jogger right after the tough section, enabling you to remain on your way.

Bowen seemed to enjoy palanquin just fine, only complaining at the end after he got removed from the Cougar's safe mosquito mesh netting only to be immediately bitten by a mosquito.

If you're not an outdoors person, you'll probably be unlikely to be swayed by the existence of palanquin mode. However, if you've considered abandoning a hike because of tree roots and have a fair number of people with you, you might discover it to be a nice bonus "Easter egg" you didn't plan for.


Matt Hiller said...

Hmmm -- it might even be possible to remove jogger wheel arms from the frame and reinsert them turned 90 degrees. To make holding the arms easier.

Certainly one can do this with the cycling hitcharm to use it as a tow-bar -- this is even advertised in the product manual.

Unknown said...

For hiking, Michael and I both preferred the Ergo to any other carrier. Way better than the jogging stroller or (ugh) the external frame baby backpack.

It was also indispensable for general usage, like carrying a baby who hated being put down.

Piaw Na said...

Our little one is too small for an Ergo. I'm surprised the external frame baby pack isn't better. Someone gave us an Ergo, and it looks very uncomfortable.