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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two of my books are now available on Amazon!

The 3rd Edition of An Engineer's Guide to Silicon Valley Startups is now available on Since paper books are now a vanishingly small percentage of my sales, I'm outsourcing the production and shipping of paperbacks to Amazon whenever I run out of inventory. This comes at a price: while I was able to store and ship books at a low price of $29.95 per copy (just $5 more than the digital edition), Amazon has public shareholders and thus I have to price the book much higher to have the same profit. Fortunately, the ebook is still at the same price of $24.95.

Coincidentally, I'd finally sold out of paperback copies of Startup Engineering Management as well, and that's now also available from Amazon as a paperback. Given that this book started shipping September last year, needless to say it has outperformed my expectations for it!

The last book for which I'm still shipping copies is Independent Cycle Touring. I have 5 copies left, and once those are gone, expect the paperback prices to go up substantially, just like it has for my other books.

I'm now very close to automating my business completely. Electronic fulfillment is now done by E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery, and integrates nicely with paypal and Google Checkout (the former better than the latter). Thanks to Gayle Laakmann McDowell for pointing me at them.

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