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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Endorsement I'm Proudest Of

I wasn't allowed to blog about this or write about this until today for the obvious reasons. But the best endorsement I'd ever heard from was from the CTO of the Obama for America campaign, Harper Reed. Reed bought a copy of Startup Engineering Management, and wrote back to me after reading it:
I have suggested to all of the tech leadership on the Obama campaign (and the DNC too) to read your book. I hope they take the advice and check it out. It was very good and worthwhile to read. We are not failing.
Needless to say, neither I nor the book can take any credit for the success of the Obama campaign. They did an amazing job and would have done so with or without the book. I can say that from outside the campaign, there were many days when I had my doubt about whether Obama would win, but like any good startup, the campaign labored on regardless of what everyone else said or thought. It is nice to hear that they thought highly of the book, and I'm glad to have done even a tiny bit for the campaign. For an indepth-look at what the Obama campaign built and how it built it, please see this Ars Technica article. I'm obviously very pleased with the results of yesterday's election, and hope to see the promise of Obamacare fulfilled.


lahosken said...

Does this mean we're supposed to salute the next time we read the book or something?

bawa said...

Thats fabulous Piaw!