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Friday, February 08, 2013

Review: The Best American Science & Nature Writing

Amazon had The Best American Science & Nature Writing 2012 on sale for $1.99, and when I saw Dan Ariely's name on it, I figured it was a good deal. It's a very good collection, but not nearly as good as last year's selections.

The most chilling story in the collection is the one on global atmospheric pollution --- fundamentally the scale of China's pollution into the atmosphere can only be believed by measuring it from Washington and Oregon's mountains. I also enjoyed the article about growing meat in laboratories

Perhaps one reason the articles are less interesting is because Ariely finds the geeky internet stuff interesting while perhaps I do not as much. The articles on Bitcoin and the Turing test would be interesting if you're not a computer scientist. The hero-worshiping article about Nathan Myhrvold's $400+ book on Modernist Cuisine is also not what I would have expected in this book.

Nevertheless, every article is good reading and a lot of fun. Recommended.

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