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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wharton Business School Presentation

I was the lunch speaker today at the Wharton Business School in San Francisco. The school runs an executive MBA program, with about 100 students a year. It's a 2 year program running mostly on Fridays and Saturdays. I gave a 40 minute talk at high intensity because I prepped for an hour with questions.

One question that came up was where can you learn to code? While I'm not a big fan of the various programming boot camps for professional programmers, for MBAs, it could very well be just the thing. The school itself had fantastic facilities, and the lecture hall was the best room I'd ever given a presentation in, with stadium-style seating and the lecturer standing in the pit subject to questions all around. Definitely an experience to be had.

As usual, the above slides are sanitized for public consumption. The presentation given to the business school students is a lot more peppered with interesting case studies from industry. Having said that, with my new full time job, my time for speaking engagements is a lot more limited and I will curtail them going forward.

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Unknown said...

I'll make it simple for newbies:

Want to make engineers happy? Hire useful coders, and don't hire any MBAs andPMs who are essentially useless in today's lean startups. Get ride of management ( If the company is run by a bunch of MBAs (e.g. has a high ratio of Winklevosses:Zuckerbergs), RUN AWAY! Is the company run by a bunch of Private Equity folks and/or Sales/Marketing? RUN AWAY!