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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review: Nuun Active Hydration

I've long been a user of Cytomax as a supplement for my water bottles. It's cheap, easy to use, and keeps the cramps away adequately. I'm a heavy sweater, so having an electrolyte drink is pretty much a necessity. Unfortunately, they recently changed their forumla to use stevia instead of sugar, which means that it's no longer the same as before. In any case, even prior to the formulation change, Cytomax had other problems for on the go use. It was difficult to carry, didn't provide a convenient way to meter usage, and I usually ended up doing without rather than bringing it on tour.

Endurolytes were our go to source for touring. They're essentially salt pills, and eating them a handful at a time was good enough to eliminate Mike Samuel's cramps during a particularly hot tour of the alps. They're relatively low density, so you really have to pop them like candy to have any effect. And of course, being capsules, you essentially have to stop to eat them, unlike Cytomax.

I recently ordered Nuun at a website in order to top up an order to receive free shipping. It comes in a tube and each tube has about 12 tablets. You use 1-2 tablets per bottle, solving the metering problem. Since it dissolves into your drinking water, it's particularly suited for touring cyclists who don't like to stop just to take capsules. It's considerably more expensive than Cytomax, though with Amazon's subscribe and save option along with Amazon Mom and my reduced riding load nowadays, it's still quite affordable.

The taste is much weaker than Cytomax, and that's a good thing. I frequently do get sick of Cytomax if I use too much, but this minor fizzing flavor is just right for me. My biggest problem with it is that it's not calorie dense at all. Come on guys, if you're designing an electrolyte for cyclists and runners, don't skimp on the calories!

In any case, I've turned on a subscription and will now use it for bicycle tours. Recommended.

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