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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Review: Life with a fire-breathing girlfriend

Sometimes, I buy a book after reading just one review and a sample because the premise had so much promise. I almost always regret this, but with Amazon's publishing platforms, the books are so cheap that it's not much of a regret. Life with a fire-breathing girlfriend is one such example.

The book is almost a homage to every Mary Sue novel that's ever been written. The protagonist is a geeky IT person who one day has a beautiful woman drop into his life, kiss him, and ask to be with him for 3 years. In case the title of the book isn't hint enough, she turns out to be a dragon.

The promise of the book is that you get a mixture of Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie, but with a dragon. And the early part of the book leads you to believe that's what the book would be, which is a lot of fun, since the dragon doesn't know much about human life and doesn't think much of human conventions.

Unfortunately, past the first third of the book, the author drops this premise and the novel quickly devolves into a Mary Sue novel. You never feel like the characters are in danger, even as the challenges spike, as the characters never actually have to sacrifice, and nearly everything they need for their quest falls into their lap. The only saving grace is that the characters are very self-aware and make lots of geek-pop culture references.

The book's priced at $1.19, so it's not much of a regret. As an airplane novel it's reasonable, but there's a lot of other books better worth your time.

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