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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: The Second Ship

The Second Ship is the first book in The Rho Agenda trilogy. Given that it's in the Prime Lending Library, it was no effort for me to checkout the book and start reading.

Overall, the book reminds me of decent Saturday morning kids series cartoons. 3 teenagers while exploring find an alien ship, and while exploring the ship, discover super-powers and a nefarious government plot headed by an evil scientist. Along the way, they encounter super-villains, love interests, NSA agents (who are for a change not immediately bad guys), and of course, evil high school teachers.

The science, such as it exists in the book, is plausible, and not immediately insanely stupid, as long as you squint a bit and suspend your disbelief on account that this is basically a Saturday morning cartoon novel.

Fun, but I wouldn't pay money for the book. If you're already a prime member, just check it out from the prime lending library.

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