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Friday, December 04, 2015

Review: The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project may be described as "Sheldon Cooper decides to get a wife." Written from the perspective of geneticist Don Tillman, the novel depicts a typical nerd/socially awkward unaware person's attempt to optimize the process of acquiring a wife. Hilarity ensues.

If this description doesn't get you to pick up the book, consider this: it's very well written, and sympathetically provides a viewpoint of someone with Asperger's that at once arouses sympathy for him, while simultaneously showcasing the strengths of people who uniquely possess the ability to ultra-focus on just one thing (possibly to the detriment of all else).

For instance, in one of the scenes of the book, he's told to become a bar-tender to make cocktails. Overnight, he essentially memorizes an entire book of cocktail recipes while practicing the skills to actually mix them. The protagonist is as a result extremely likeable, and is probably someone you'd enjoy meeting in real life.

I was going to write that this book is recommended reading for those of you who're married to a geek/engineer/technologist/scientist without being one. But it's so much fun that I couldn't possibly restrict it to such a small subset of humanity. It's highly recommended to everyone who breathes. Don't wait for the movie, go read it!

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