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Monday, April 11, 2016

Review: Amplitude (PS4)

I backed Amplitude (PS4) as a kickstarter project despite having no prior experience with the PS2 game. I guess the Harmonix name on the sticker sucked me in. Like all music/rhythm game, this is a game where the story doesn't matter, even in campaign mode.

You essentially fly a space ship with notes flying towards you. Each song is represented by a series of tracks, and you get to pick which track's rhythm you'd like to work on. Each track only has 3 notes (left, middle, right), and those are played using the face buttons on the controller (square, triangle, circle). Pushing those buttons at the right time, fires the space ship's blaster at the note and it finishes. Complete a measure successfully and the track goes away, and you can use the directional buttons or joystick to move to another track. The last face button (cross) activates various special abilities which you unlock as you successfully play a measure.

As far as music games go it's very abstract. It's an entertaining diversion, but by far my biggest problem is that the songs aren't very memorable. Or at least, I didn't feel that any of them were interesting: it all sounded like random techno pop to me, which made it less than motivational for me to consider playing it through on a harder difficulty.

I can see how this game could have been considered ground-breaking back before Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and it's nice to be able to just use the controller instead of a special device. I'm afraid I got way more out of Resogun than this. Not recommended.

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