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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Iceland 2016: Borgarnes

It was clearly going to be a rainy day today, so we decided on two museums. The first was a shark museum in Bjarnarhofn. This was actually quite disappointing. First, fermented shark doesn't actually taste very good. Secondly, the primary exhibit is a video showing the preparation for fermentation. We chalked it up as being a tourist trap over-hyped by a gullible guide-book author and moved on.

At Borgarnes, we went to the settlement center, which was actually a museum/restaurant. In the bottom exhibit was an audio guide to the Icelandic Saga of Egils, while the top exhibit is an audio guide to the story of Icelandic settlement. The presentation was excellent, and it's a great way to spend a rainy day. The restaurant was reasonably good as well, though expensive as always.
From there, it was a short visit to the two lighthouses at Akranes before turning up at our AirBnB in Reykjavik, our last AirBnB in Iceland. We arrived just around dinner time and took a walk along the coast.

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