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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Review: The Heart Goes Last

The Heart Goes Last is a sort-of science fiction story by Margaret Atwood. The premise is that the economy has tanked to the point that corporations have taken over towns, and in particular, one corporation has signed up citizens to take part in an experiment: a new kind of community where you spend half your time in prison, and the other half as a free person. Apparently, this makes everything so efficient that you can have really nice houses, etc. Of course, the corporation has some deep dark secrets and the reader (and the two protagonists) get to find out.

I write "sort-of" above because Atwood is not a science fiction author, and as a result, her world building is implausible and completely unexplained. Apparently, when you're not a science fiction author and are a main-stream "literary" writer, the kind of rigor I expect in my science fiction is not a requirement, and people just accept whatever premise you throw at them.

The plot twists are kind of transparent, and I'm not sure the plot makes much sense either. I kept reading hoping to get some sort of enlightenment or idea that this is some kind of metaphor for something or another, but nope, the story just keeps going in the most obvious fashion possible.

Not recommended.

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