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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Review: Kissral Bluetooth Earbud Headphone

My refurbished Moto Hint+ has started to have battery deterioration, to the point where a fresh charge wouldn't last 20 minutes of talk time. If you've ever been on hold and had to wait 20 minutes, you know that having the headset cut out at the worst possible time is a major pain. Not wanting to buy new old stock (which probably has been sitting around for along time), I decided to see what Amazon had to offer.

It turns out that $16 buys you a Kissral Bluetooth earphone that looks very similar to the Moto Hint+. The device is tiny, as small as the Moto Hint+ was, but without a battery case. The battery case is very nice, not just because it recharged the Moto Hint+, but also because it was big enough for me not to lose. This tiny thing is very easy to lose. On the other hand, at $16, it's not a disaster if you lose it. The annoyance is that it charges using an old-style Nokia-phone type barrel tip rather than micro USB, which is one more wire to carry and lose while touring.

The advertising touts 8 hours of phone calls and 6 hours of music. In practice, I think I got about 3-4 hours of phone calls and 2 hours of music (really using it for Google navigation audio while renting a car) before it started complaining about low battery. The problem with the device is that it wouldn't just complain about low battery and stop. It would continuously nag you about the low battery, rendering the headset unusable. So there might have been more talk time left, but it was too annoying to use with low battery.

Is it as premium a device as the Moto Hint+? No. But it seems to get the job done, and the price can't be beat. I find that a device like this is great for cycling or touring, where sometimes you just NEED voice directions but can't be looking at the screen all the time, or need to be on the phone talking to the host while searching for the AirBnB in a foreign locale. At 13g including the charging cable it's well worth putting this into your touring kit. Recommended.

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