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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Packing List for Tour of the Alps 2018

This year, I didn't bother with spare tires or spare derailleur and brake cables. The Park Pin tool is for adjusting the eccentric in place of carrying a much heavier bottom bracket wrench. I carried 3 missing links because if the timing chain gets messed up, having spare missing links would help make up for any broken links. I carried a separate chain tool after losing the one that came with the folding tool. The separate chain tool is much more usable anyway, but like with the spoke wrench, it's one of those things you bring as insurance and are happy not to use.

I solved the problem of constantly leaving chargers behind in hotels by having a new policy of not obsessing about charge state of the electronic devices. I now pack up those chargers when I wake up, not leaving any chargers around to top up any electronics. The Moto G5's fast charger is still the smallest and lightest Qualcomm QC 2.0 charger I've found, and it works on LG phones.

One thing I've learned is that if there's something I bring for myself, I need to bring an equivalent for Bowen. I brought arm coolers for myself, but he refused to let me wear them when I discovered that he didn't have any! I probably no longer need to carry the Minoura tyre levers. The VAR lever is good enough for the tires that are on the bike.

It turned out that one spare bite valve was not enough. By the time we got to Pontresina, Bowen had bitten through the replacement! The kid has sharp teeth!

Tools & Spares
  • toothpaste
  • cough syrup (acquired on the road0
  • floss
  • pills, calcium supplements, and vitamin supplements
  • kids ibuprofen (acquired on the road)
  • first aid kit

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