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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Day 7: Anegada to Cooper Island

We had a leisurely morning. Our goal was to make Cooper Island before the dive shop closed, so we could refill our tanks for the wreck of the Rhone. Interestingly enough, the wind had changed so we ended up sailing back towards Marina Cay into another headwind.
The passage was a lot calmer, and we took the time to stop in Cam Bay for a quick snorkel. This was a difficult anchorage to figure out,  but fortunately no one was there. After snorkeling, we discovered that we were meant to anchor behind the reef, and had in fact anchor'd in such a way as to block the entrance to the harbor! We quickly left the place and refilled our water at Marina Cay.

Departing Marina Cay, the wind was such that there was no point sailing: we'd be faster directly motoring to Cooper Island, and so we did, arriving at 2:00pm, plenty of time to refill the tanks. I got out the paddleboard and with Xiaoqin sitting on the fins, paddled out to cistern point and snorkeled there. Arturo and Mark joined us with the dinghy, doubtless thinking to provide us with backup, but we didn't need it, and paddleboarded back!

Paddleboarding was fun enough that others got into the act and tried it, and everyone could get onto the board, stand up, and paddle at least a few strokes within their first try, marking paddleboarding as an "easy" sport. I loved how easy it was to get it on and off the Catamaran, even single-handed, though having a helper made it super easy.  I do not think I will do another sail charter in the BVIs without also renting a paddleboard. Mark was surprised at how much I liked it: "You're usually more picky than I am," he remarked.

Sunset was gorgeous as usual, and we backed up all the photos from all the cameras onto Mark's Pixelbook that evening.

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