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Monday, March 18, 2019

Review: The Very Best of the Best - 35 Years of The Year's Best Science Fiction

I had high hopes for The Very Best of the Best, Gardner Dozois last science fiction anthology (he passed away last May), weighing in at a whopping 697 pages. An anthology spanning 35 years is going to have some over-lap, with many stories you might have already read, though I was surprised at the number of stories I hadn't read.

Notable stories: The Potter of Bones,  Dead Men Walking, Tin Marsh, Where the Golden Apples Grow, The Sledge-Maker Daughter, Glory, Events Preceding The Helvetican Renaissance, The Emperor of Mars, Martian Heart, The Invasion of Venus, Pathways, The Hand is Quicker, The Long Haul - from the Annals of Transportation - The Pacific Monthly May 2009, Rates of Change, My English Name. 14 out of 38 is a surprisingly low hit rate. I can't recommend this book, especially given that many of the good stories are probably ones you've already read!


Lonely_Android said...

God, the year's best science fiction. There are some real mind benders in that anthology's history. "Death Do Us Part," "The Waters of Meribah," and "The Spade of Reason" all got me fucked up. Surprised none of those were included.

Piaw Na said...

Yeah. I think he went for stories that you might have ignored, rather than just picking the stories that had the most impact, etc.