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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Review: Alan Moore's Top Ten

I was reflecting on how none of the comic books I'd read recently came up to anywhere near Alan Moore's old work, and decided to checkout Top Ten from the Kindle Unlimited library. Top Ten imagines a world in which everyone's a superhero, and follows the travails of an imaginary police station set in such a multi-verse.

Moore as usual does a great job of throwing all the tropes into play with a density of story that does in one 22 page comic book what lesser authors would spend entire graphic novels detailing. Unfortunately, as an ensemble cast, none of the characters really do a good job of becoming a character that you're emotionally involved in. Furthermore, Moore doesn't quite take the story to the extremes that he does in say, Miracleman, which is still a better work.

Nevertheless, many of the story arcs are great, though unfortunately it feels like the series was ended before its potential could really be fulfilled.


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