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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Review: The Awakened Kingdom

 I didn't realize that there was a novella called The Awakened Kingdom in The Inheritance Trilogy (which I reviewed: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, The Broken Kingdoms, and The Kingdom of Gods). I checked out the entire trilogy from the library because that was the easiest way to get access to the novella.

The story revolves around a new god who thinks her job is to replace one of the previously demised gods. As a newborn, she goes around causing trouble and eventually lands in the world of mortals. She then has to figure out where she really is supposed to fit.

In short form, Jemisin really shows off what she can do. Not only are the twists in the story unexpected (and the story does show off the feminist warrior tribe of the novels well), but when they get taken to the logical conclusion, your conclusion is "of course, but I didn't see it before hand!" Well worth the time.  It got me to re-read The first novel of the trilogy, which is still as readable as ever, and worth your time.


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