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Monday, November 09, 2020

Review: Jabra Elite 65t Active

 I've actually been somewhat happy with my Pamu wireless headset, with but one caveat, that the carrying case was too big! So when the Jabra Store had a flash sale on an Elite Active 65t for $30, I bought it. The case is definitely smaller than the Pamu, but my first set came DOA from the store. A call to customer service and they replaced it.

The headset can pair with 2 devices, so I can pair it with the work laptop and my phone at the same time, and take zoom calls on the laptop or phone calls on the cell phone. The buttons are fiddly, but I figured out how to work it. The sound quality was OK, nothing spectacular, but the surprise came when I used them on the bike. Despite having a reasonably good seal, the headset leaks noise, so music sounds muddy while riding (you can ride with just one ear bud in, and the master one is on the right, which is what you want, so you can leave the left ear open for traffic). The case is also stiff to open, so you're not going to be able to pull the case out, slide out the ear bud and put it on to take a call --- you definitely have to stop.

Despite that deficiency, the size of the case is so small that I find myself riding with the Jabra in my jersey pocket instead of the Pamu. I find myself reaching for it over the Pamu when receiving phone calls as well. I started this review intending to diss the headset, and as I wrote it discovered that I did use it more than my other ones. Recommended.

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