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Friday, July 30, 2021

Review: Light & Motion Vis 500

 There was a Prime Day sale on the highly rated Light & Motion Vis 500, low enough for me to replace the much used (and now worn out) Blitzu Gator on the triplet. Most of my complaints about lights usually revolve around the mount, so I was very impressed when the mount came with an easy on/off rubber strap, and a fantastic retention pin that was easy to use. Once mounted the mount was tight, and worked great.

The actual light operation was awful. A lot of it can be attributed to the worthless "lock" mode. To turn on the light, you have to press and hold the button so it turns on. Hold on to that button too long, however, and it activates "lock" mode. That means the light won't turn on no matter what. So you find yourself flipping the light from lock to unlock and never being able to turn the light on consistently. One day, I found myself unable to turn on the light whatsoever. Maybe it was not charged, but the little LED would flip from one side to the other, indicating that I was doing something. Charging the light did nothing.

I called the customer support line, and Light & Motion's voice messaging system (in the middle of the day) said because of the pandemic they weren't taking phone calls (apparently COVID19 spreads through cell networks and telephone wires --- who knew?). They gave me an e-mail address which bounced instead.

What a shitty customer experience, and what a horribly designed light. I went back to the Blitzu Gator, which is now $10. The mount was so promising, but the horrible UI and complete lack of customer service was a deal breaker.

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