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Friday, August 27, 2021

2021 Glacier National Park: July 5th - Ross Creek Scenic Area and Epilogue

 To my surprise, it didn't take all that long to pack in the morning. All the camping equipment had already been stowed, and it was just a matter of taking clothing out of the dressers (which were already sorted into soiled and clean laundry), and then systematically loading stuff into the bags for the flight. The drive out to Ross Creek scenic area was lovely, and the short 1 mile walk took us amongst trees large enough to crawl into, and walk into.

To my amusement, the campground right next to the scenic area was called "Bad Medicine Campground". I had to drive out to see it and take a photo, having already been to Two Medicine and Upper Two Medicine. We speculated as to whether there was "Good Medicine" or "No Medicine" campgrounds somewhere else in the state.
From there, the drive back to Spokane took us back via a different route, avoiding Coeur D'Lene in favor of going around Lake Pend Oreille, which was gorgeous and looked very undeveloped. Just past Eloika Lake, after Boen started clamoring for Huckleberry Ice Cream again I spotted The Ram, which promised burgers and huckleberry shakes and ice cream. The portions were generous, and the ice cream very good.

After that, it was only a 20 minute drive to the Spokane Costco where we filled up the rental car, did a visit to see the Falls on a 90F day. I was much more impressed by downtown Spokane than expected, but everyone else looked tired and didn't want to linger in the heat, so I drove us back to the Spokane Airport. Once unloaded and into our room, it was clear nobody wanted to go out any more, so I returned the rental car and scouted our route to the bag drop area for our 6:05am departure flight.

We got up at 4:45am on the 6th, got to the gate with about 5 minutes before our boarding was called, and flew an uneventful flight back to San Jose. From there, Arturo picked us up and took us home. What a trip!

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