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Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Review: 5 in 1 Can/Jar Opener Kit

 During the pandemic, we've become addicted to those huge jars of artichoke hearts from Costco, both to add to salad and to use on a pizza. The problem is that those jars come very tightly sealed. Physics gives you 2 tricks: one, submerge the mouth of the jar in hot water, and take advantage of the fact that the coefficient of expansion in heat is higher for the metal cap than it is for the glass jar. That worked for about a year, before I found a jar that was just way too tight to open.

The 5 in 1 Jar opener kit uses the second physics trick, which is to use a longer lever. The lever has plenty of detents for various sizes of jars, and the Kirkland jars use the biggest one. I was really skeptical when I discovered that when used in that position, I could barely get a grip at the long end of the lever. To my surprise, due to the increased leverage, it didn't actually take much effort to open!

I'm keeping these. My days of using the hot water trick are over!

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