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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

November 28th: Carlisle Bay to Jolly Habor + Epilogue: ANU to SFO

A storm had blown in the night before, sending rain occasionally and turning around the boat all night. I was fast asleep, and but Arturo reported that the music from ashore had been faint and didn't disturb his sleep at all!
Once I had breakfast and coffee, I got into the water and checked and indeed, the anchor was now properly buried. From the water, I shot one last photograph of the Chinook before engaging in more snorkeling.
In the morning light, the snorkeling was excellent, and Arturo even found a moray eel!

 It was a great way to send us off. We got back onto the boat at 8:00am, rinsed off, using the last of the water left in the water tank, and proceeded to pack up. Turning on the engine, we motor'd back to Jolly Harbor using the autopilot, and then gingerly edged into the Marina's fuel dock, fueling up the diesel. We could not refill with gasoline for the dock didn't have gasoline that day.

Ashley had sent Mario to take us back to our slip, and then we had to finish up the paperwork, take our luggage out of the boat. Air Canada texted me saying that our flight was delayed by 3.5 hours, so we had a leisurely lunch at the SeaDream, run by an Italian. Arturo suggested that we visited his hotel rather than spend 6 hours waiting at the airport, so we visted the Buccaneer Beach Resort and made good use of the swimming pool until Niniane and Arturo's room was ready.

The delayed flight meant that we arrived at Toronto at midnight, and once there we had to do more paperwork because the airline had lost our luggage! The transborder short-cut that would mean that we didn't have to do security was closed, and we ended up getting to our hotel at 2am, after being forced to exit and doing yet more PCR tests. We'd get 3 hours of sleep, then go back to the Toronto for the next day's flight, which was delayed but only once we'd boarded the plane.

Once in San Francisco, our lost luggage became an asset as we could just walk out onto the Lyft pickup area and get a ride right away back home. Our first post-pandemic international trip was over.

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