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Monday, February 07, 2022

Review: Cycorldpro Multi-Pocket Hiking Shorts #9

 I've been using the Columbia Trail Splash shorts for daily wear, but for weekend mountain biking, don't use them because they're missing belt loops. I use some pretty old shorts for that purpose, but they're neither lightweight nor really comfortable, so when slickdeals pointed me at a sale on Cycorldpro's Multi-Pocket Outdoor Hiking Shorts for $16 each, I bought two pairs.

The web-site for the purchase is horrible, with the paypal receipt going to some individuals rather than a company, so you know it's run by somebody as a side-hustle. That's not necessarily a bad thing. The shorts, when they arrived, clearly adhere to the "belt-and-suspenders" approach to clothing design. Not only are there buttons and zippers in addition to the belt loops, there's also (unpictured) an internal drawstring that you can tie so even if you didn't want to use a belt, the shorts would be perfectly fitted.

As advertised, there were pockets galore, two on each side (ample enough to fit a Pixel 6), one on each thigh (one with a zipper, and one with a velcro fastener), and one zippered rear pocket. The shorts are lightweight enough, and very comfortable to mountain bike with with liners and a belt. (Incidentally, the belt is essential for the Spider Holster, which is still my favorite way of carrying a camera) After a muddy ride the shorts cleaned off quickly and easily, and dried easily.

For day to day wear on a sailboat or when I don't need to carry a camera in "quickdraw" mode, I still prefer the Trail Splash. But for weekend mountain biking or hiking trips where I'm going to want a camera at ready these are the ticket. Recommended.

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