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Thursday, April 06, 2023

Review: Astro City - Through Open Doors

 It was many years ago when I first picked up Astro City, but for a while they stopped publishing collections, so I put it out of my mind. Then at a library sale I found Through Open Doors and realized that Astro City was back!

The best thing about Astro City is when they focus on the non-superhero humans who have to live in a world where gods can effectively battle it out and destroy lives. In this collection, the story I found most effective is the one where a woman applies for a job at a call center and ends up working at the dispatch center for the superhero team honor guard. It's an awesome story and well worth reading.

I guess that means I'm just going to be picking up the rest of the series! Recommended.

1 comment:

Tom Galloway said...

Current status is that several years ago Kurt announced it was going to a series of graphic novels. That didn't happen, and he announced it was going back to floppies first. A one-shot came out, with more promised, but nothing more yet. On the other hand, the back catalog is being reissued in a new series of collections.