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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Review: Dispel Illusion

 Dispel Illusion showed up as part of the Kindle Unlimited Library, so I picked it up, despite my misgivings about book 2, Limited Wish. In fact, it seems that my assessment of the second book was accurate, as in Dispel Illusion, Mark Lawrence pretty much ignores book 2, and resets the plot so that only book 1 matters!

This dramatically improves the logical flow of the story, and now everything that happens makes sense, including the D&D game that's part of the story-within-a-story. At this point, all the time paradoxes that are about to happen, and Nick's previous encounters with a future version of himself now align. Now, it aligns with a pretty cheap trick, but at least it didn't leave me feeling that I'd wasted my money.

This isn't the greatest book in the world, but Lawrence's prose style here is readable and the juxtapositions make sense. A reasonable airplane novel, though it'd have to be a pretty short airplane ride if that was the only book you had.

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