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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Review: Neverwhere DVD

Before Neverwhere was a book, it was a TV series. I enjoyed the book enough to become curious about the TV series, so when I saw it in the Mountain View Library catalog, I checked it out. The TV series, unfortunately, is a disappointment. The acting isn't very good, the editing is crude, and the sets quite crude, and the scenarios quite contrived. At only half an hour an episode, there's not a lot of exposition that can happen, nor is there significant character development --- the hero, Richard Mayhew seems perpetually confused, no matter what happens. The ending leaves an opening for an ongoing TV series, but clearly the public had had enough of the TV series. If you enjoyed the book, avert your eyes from the TV series.


The Smoking Gnu said...

Hey, I loved the book - is the tv series really that bad? If I find it and its that bad, I'll say you told me so! ;)

Piaw Na said...

Yes, it is really that bad. Avoid!