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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Video Review: Root of All Evil

This video comes in 2 parts. Part I introduces religious faith, interviews several people, and discusses how faith is the antithesis of reason, and dangerous in civilized society. Part II interviews more people, and provides a compelling view of how Christian fundamentalism is just as dangerous a threat to civilized humanity as Islamic fundamentalism --- they are both sides of the same coin.

I remember when growing up getting to read a lot of Margaret Knight, the moralist, humanist, and advocate of morals without religion. Richard Dawkins comes across much the same way --- I don't think he'll change many minds with this documentary (religion is very much a virus that way --- once you've caught it, it's very difficult for the typical human being to shake of the world view), but it is still very much worth watching --- his interview of a Christian supporter of the man who murdered many abortion doctors is chilling and scary. His interview of religious moderates is also poignant, intelligent, sympathetic, yet ultimately supportive of his answer.

As religious fundamentalism plays a deeper part of American life, I suspect atheists and non-Christians will have to pay more and more careful attention to the signs of a religious revival around them. If fundamentalism becomes too widespread, atheists, evolutionists, and scientists may very well play for American society the role that Jews played in Germany from 1928 to 1945 --- watching out for signs of that and taking action quickly enough may become an important survival trait.


Doug Orleans said...

I enjoyed Bill Moyers's interview of Daniel Dennett a bit more:

I posted about both on my LiveJournal:

Doug Orleans said...

Hm, Blogger doesn't linkfiy. Here's some links:
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