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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Asus EEE PC

I'm not normally a gadget freak, and it takes quite a bit for me to get excited about a gadget, and even more, to get out my wallet and plonk down money to get one. But when I heard about the Asus EEE PC, I knew it was exactly what I wanted in a personal laptop. No hard drive (4GB flash drive), fast bootup time, Wifi capable, and cheap ($409 shipped).

I got mine today, and I am absolutely astounded by how tiny it is. You think the pictures do it justice, but they don't. The first time you see it, you think: this could fit in a purse! This is my attempt to show it in scale, next to a stuffed animal and a throw pillow. To my surprise, it handles WPA wireless encryption just fine!

The keyboard is the obvious question, but I'm currently typing on the EEE PC as I write, and I find the keyboard much less annoying than I thought. I wouldn't want to write for four or five hours at a time on this keyboard, but I'm very pleased with it. In fact, I find the touchpad more of a problem, and I am definitely way faster on the EEE PC than I am on my blackberry.

I'm picking up a Windows XP Pro license and I will install that. After that, with Picasa I will easily be able to photo-blog from the EEE PC.

Highly recommended!Posted by Picasa

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Amy said...

It's so cute! And then you put it next to a stuffed animal!!

Covet, covet...