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Thursday, December 06, 2007

John Gruber on the Obama Health Plan

(Tip of the hat to Paul Krugman for pointing at this)

Relevant quotes:
She first points to the figure from the Insurance Research Council that states that 15% of drivers are uninsured. As detailed in research by J. Daniel Khazzom (paper available at here), this figure clearly overstates the rate of uninsured drivers by computing this rate as the share of accidents in which the driver did not have insurance. But since uninsured drivers are typically from groups that are more accident-prone, the share of accidents involving the uninsured will clearly overstate the share of drivers that are uninsured. Moreover, state reforms to improve compliance with auto insurance requirements have been very successful, with the rate of uninsured drivers (measured appropriately) in Georgia recently falling to 2%.

Mandates are clearly enforceable, and are necessary for universal healthcare to work. The Obama plan will not work. Obama is still better than a Republican, but at this point, he is the least good of the Democratic candidates, in my opinion, and is not living in the real world.

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