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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Australia Log Part 3

[Posting for my brother, who's in Australia on vacation]

I woke up at 6:30am.....and had to debate whether getting up or not into what I imagined was a mosquito deathtrap outside to pee was worth it. :)

While I debated such great matters of life and death, I begun packing and repacking. Yup, forgot towel, forgot swim trunks, its official, I'm an idiot. :)

I saw derek had got up as well and went outside, so the urge not lessening, decided to join him.

Oh yes, I also noticed brinny's tent had disappeared and assumed she's tented elsewhere. Once outside the tent, I realized where she had gone.

Yup, about 30 meters from the main camp :)

I found a convenient bush, given that the outhouse wasn't usable.

Dez was also outside and already awake. We exchanged greetings and he told me he moved outside coz he snores.....and well I had to admit the same.

The morning light was gorgeous.

Back into the tent, we started on breakfast while the rest of the people started waking up.

Breakfast was a simple affair.....cereal, bread (toasted on special toasters over the open flame), juice, and coffee.

Nescafe, mmm, how I miss you not. :)

After that, a quick pack and we were out to the bathroom, I had to shower (as futile as I knew that was, but a habit is hard to break) and got myself a bigger bottle of water (4 dollars).

We then hopped on the jeep, and day two began! We saw two dingos, my first of the trip. :). It tickled my fancy particularly because one of my coworkers for.a year is called dingo. :)

The ride was short, about 20 minutes on a dirt path, but we first stopped for water and toilets. At the ranger station, we saw that jimjim was closed and we had to fly to see it if we wanted to see it.

The next thing was a short hike, less than 3km.....the company got into another good conversation mode and we talked about all things like German hikers, the heat, our sweatiness, and the other people's plans after this trip.

Sven was off to Africa after, jules goes back to work, derek was off to Cambodia, janna was off home to Germany, brinny will be in Darwin a few more days before making her way to cairns.....scott and marlon are also in Darwin before they're off to Victoria.

So our first walk ended in the most spectacular waterfall I've yet to see. It was about 30 feet high and ended into a deep deep plunge pool. The water was cool and refreshing and everyone had a great time swimming, diving, snacking, funning all around.

We spent about 2 hours here, snacking on a cantaloupe and strawberries cream cookie. We later hiked out, and spent five minutes on the road later to our lunch spot. Lunch was sandwiches and leftovers from the night before.

After an hour of eating, we hiked another 20 minutes to yet another watering spot. This one was special in that it was layered like many towers.....there was a lovely overhang over the bottom pool where we started. further up was another layer.....

A minor personal tragedy happened in that while I was carrying my camera up to the second layer, my camera fell into the pool. I was quick enough to recover it and take out the battery and SD card, but still.....I feared for the worst.

Putting it on a high rock to dry on the highest point, I left it to itself and went off exploring the highest pool level. Above loomed a peak and derek and sven went off clambering on it. Taking a few steps but fearing further disaster, I decided to follow the girls and went off to the massage falls. So named because the falls was the most like one :). The others were too hard or too cold or too weak.

After a few more minutes of enjoying the pools, we went back to the lowest pools where janna was waiting (she said her feet weren't really for rocks....neither are mine, hence I wear my sandals everywhere I can :), that's the other thing, I'm very heavy of foot and can barely go over rough terrain with any speed unprotected).

We spent another 20 minutes before we went off to our campsite. Before that though we stoppedto gather firewood.....much fun was had by all gathering, breaking, and storing of firewood on the truck. Then it was off to the camp. We stopped to pay another 10 dollars each and then hit up our bunks....oohhhh air conditioned!!!!

Me and jules decided to wait out our showers till the end of the evening and so helped out des with the chores.

Dinner was lamb chops, potatoes, broccoli, and stir fry. The potatoes were gonna be cooked in a coal oven though as were the brocoli for a portion.

So a fire was started and we fed the fire a bit trying to generate coals. The night was cool, so we started.a nice fire.

The rest of the evening was the same as before. Scott did the meat, the rest helped with the veggies and des directed.

Another kakdu dreams group came in the meantime and we felt very lucky because they were 15 in the group.

Nowhere as fun as our group I'd wager!

Space was an issue because there were only 15 bunks and 9 were already taken up by us. Much grumblings were heard by those in the other group. Poor planning perhaps?

We had a great dinner, this time supplanted with wine as we had a box of it from the general store on the campgrounds. It was a quick affair though as we had a chance to listen to two guides from another tour group....they were demonstrating both the digirubi with guitar accompaniment.......iit sounded great and the story goes as follows (insert story here)

Later on, marshmellows came out for the campfire and soggy as they were, was wonderful over the fire.

I went off for my shower and had a quick time of it as the camp had turned off the lights! Me being an idiot that I am, had also forgotten my flashlight (did not pack).. Fortunately derek was around and loaned me his and I finished my shower with some human decency :).

I then went back, checked my camera and then decided to let it dry a bit more. Derek had his laptop so we could see that my SD card was still alive. :). Happy about that at least!

The it was bid the rest goodnight and off to sleep hoping water would come out of my left ear......:)

This has been a great vacation thus far :)

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