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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Review: Planet Bike Super Flash

I installed the Planet Bike Super Flash on my commuter bike late last year, intending to review it fully after a full battery cycle. Despite nearly daily use in rain, cold, and dry, the light has stubbornly refused to drain its battery. So at this point, it's been more than 1/3rd of a year, and I have plenty of experience with the light, except for battery changes.

The light is bright. It's not as bright as the Dinotte, which could paint the road red, but so bright that a driver would have to be certifiably blind to not see you on the road. (I estimate that it's half the brightness). To make up for its slightly reduced illumination, the light is less than 1/6th the retail cost of the Dinotte, without me having to negotiate for a lower price, and, it comes with a mount that enables either seat stay mounting or seat post mounting.

The light has two modes, flashing or steady. Both modes are very bright, and I tend to use the flashing mode in the early evenings, and the steady mode after 8pm. I read somewhere (and I don't remember where) that flashing lights attract drunk drivers so I'm very happy to see that despite using the steady light more than 50% of the time, I am no where close to draining the AAA batteries on the light.

At this point, unless battery changes are impossibly difficult (which I doubt), I can recommend this tail-light without reservation. In fact, it's so highly recommended that I bought several more, to install on my family's bikes. It is rare that I come across a cycling products with so few caveats. This is as perfect as a tail light can get.

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