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Friday, May 30, 2008

My solution to my banking problems

I'm just going to go to my bank's ATM, use my American bank's ATM, withdraw money, and then go into the bank's branch and deposit the cash right into my bank account. Obviously, this can't be used to transfer huge sums of money, and I can do so only 4 times a month (which is how many times First Internet of Indiana will reimburse me for ATM charges), but at this point, it is the expedient thing to do.

International Banking: not for the faint of heart


DWallach said...

I guess that will work. Seems like a kludge. Maybe you should buy some expensive but easily transferable items (stock certificates, bars of gold, etc.). Then, at least you can get it all over and done with once.

Random thought: if Vanguard couldn't deal in an intelligent way with wiring money into your account, maybe you could open a German brokerage account (rather than a bank account) and use that as a level of indirection.

The solution to every problem...

Piaw Na said...

I'm not even sure I want to deal with a German brokerage at this point. This thing has taken far too much time.

And yes, I tried it, and yes, it did work.