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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Review: The Towers of Sunset

The Towers of Sunset was the second book in the Recluce series, and this one jumps us back several centuries and gets us to see the founding or Recluce.

Told in the third person, the novel mostly focuses on Creslin, who's an extremely talented man. As in Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince, one has to wonder how such a being could exist. Let's see: the guy's a master swordsman, a powerful weather wizard, a talented singer and guitarist, and one heck of a hard worker.

The plot revolves around the Chaos Wizards' dominance and pursuit of Creslin, who eventually flees to Recluce with his wife. While the novel reveals a lot about the world of Recluce and how things came to be, the characterization is weak and the plot is merely an excuse to hang "history" on. The romance is handled badly, in typical Modesitt fashion --- his characters probably reflects his views on romance and morality, but I find it more than a bit unrealistic.

All in all, this book is not recommended, unless you (like me), read the first book and got hooked.

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