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Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Consolidated Cycle Touring Page

For years, my cycle touring travelogues and web pages have been all over the place, ranging from my Alma-Mater to this blog to geocities. With recent news that Geocities was to be shut down by the end of the year, I asked on FriendFeed where to host all my soon-to-be-gone content.

The overwhelming vote was for Google's App Engine. I had played with it 2 years ago when it was a Google internal alpha, but I didn't think of using it for hosting static content. It does have a few quirks, but it's cheap, and visitors are unlikely to overwhelm the free quota, which is more than I can say about the Geocities page! I do like that I finally get to use the domain that I registered two years ago.

The runner up was DreamHost, which came with rave reviews by many users, but my experience with their promotion for migrating Geocities was less than ideal, and I have reasonable confidence that Google's free quota will always be more than I can use.

I'd like to say that I rescued everything before bit-rot set in, but unfortunately, I've already lost quite a number of photos, and in many years had to settle for just rescuing the text.

So hop over to my Consolidated Touring Pages and have a look! (I do apologize for the years in which I didn't do write ups of my trip --- I intend to remedy them eventually)


Doug Orleans said...

For static files, there's also Google Sites (and Google Pages, which is being migrated to Sites).

Piaw Na said...

Sites and Pages don't let me upload already-written HTML files that already relative link to each other. In fact, sites deliberately generates pages with absolute links everywhere, which I think sucks.

Ultimately, it's all about style. I definitely dislike the modern approach of multi-column layouts, so I like to do it all myself.

And then there's the embarrassing thing where Google Sites doesn't even integrate with Adsense... Sigh!