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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Relay, 2009

So two weekends ago, I participated in The Relay.  As part of the third Google Team, we ran 199 miles.

This blog chronicles everything that my team went through, giving pretty much a blow by blow account of the entire race. =)  

Yes, we blogged on the run.  Say yay, to mobile WiFi!

The race was more of a logistics challenge more so than a challenging run.   As a bonus though, I got to run one of my favourite hills to ride up, Redwood Gulch. =)

Ironic, I never thought I would be running up that hill!  My time for that portion fortunately is worse than my ride up it (50 minutes for the 3 mile stretch)

I don't think I'll quite do this again as it didn't turn out to be difficult and was just long stretches of waiting.  It IS quite incredible to do this as part of a team though, and that I'll treasure more than anything else.

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