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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Coast to Coast Pictures (Consolidated)

Coast to Coast Consolidated

After all these years of traveling, hiking and backpacking, I still think that the best long distance walk I've ever done was the 2006 Coast to Coast. Everything came together on that trip: glorious natural beauty, historic and literary locations out of time, physically challenging walks, intellectually challenging route-finding (the coast to coast is not one route, but an infinite number of routes, and to have done it once is merely to have explored one of many possibilities), contrasted with luxurious (compared to a tent) accomodations, hot showers every night, good home made food, and friendly people who speak English.

Lisa and I extol the virtues of this walk to anyone who would listen --- you can do it in 7 days hiking 20 miles a day, or over 30 days hiking 6 miles a day. You might encounter boggy ground and fog and require a GPS to navigate, or you might encounter glorious sunshine and use your umbrellas as sunshade. We did the trip in 17 days, with 2 rest days, and frankly, I wish we'd spent more time.

As a trip done after we converted our point and shoot to digital, we had pictures posted soon after the trip. But I was at that time still carrying an SLR loaded with Fuji Velvia, and those pictures never made it to the web-site. When I scanned these, I consolidated them with all the digital pictures. If you like you can play "which camera took this picture" while viewing the album.

But really, the album is a poor substitute for being there. If you're physically capable and have the time and money (much easier now that the pound is so low), you owe it to yourself to plan and do this trip. I have to thank Scarlet for the idea.

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