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Monday, July 06, 2009

Paris 1998

Paris 1998

This was a tough trip. First, my boss cut down my vacation from 3 weeks to 1, so I had to put off the cycling part till the fall. Secondly, this was my first trip to continental Europe, and it was very rough. I spoke next to no French, I had yet to learn the Lonely Planet isn't all that reliable, and I could not deal with the jet-lag at all. I also had diarrhea on this trip.

And then, in an attempt to escape Paris, we ended up on the TGV to Lyons, where due to the Soccer World Cup, all the hotels were taken, save one. And that was my very first encounter with that delightful life form, the bed-bug!

All in all, it was a good thing that Christina had patience. Or maybe not --- we haven't done a trip together since. :-)

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fiziskandarz said...

hiya! came across ur blog while googling for something else :) a neat writing + nice pictures too! keep it up :)