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Monday, February 08, 2010

Book Cover is ready!

I'm in the final phase of the book. At this point, the book has gone to everyone who's quoted in it, as well as every early backer over at Kickstarter. Shameless plug: if you want the book at the current price of $15 per copy, order it by the 24th. When the Kickstarter phase is over, the book will be priced at $29.95.

It turns out that I don't have many photos of Silicon Valley that are great, mostly because whenever I go hiking in the area, I tend to just bring a point and shoot rather than a serious camera. I have lots of great photos of San Francisco Bay, and I contemplated renaming the book to say, "Bay Area" instead of Silicon Valley for just half a second.

I'll get a proof copy of the book from CreateSpace (my PoD vendor --- which is really just a small print run vendor for me) as soon as the approval process is complete. When I get that in my hot little hands, I'll see if I need to reshoot the photo.

Anyway, after I showed the picture to Peng-Toh, he suggested that I make it black and white, so now I've posted both version. Which do you like better?


Denton Gentry said...

The black-and-white version doesn't look very inviting to me. It seems to portray the valley as drab, hazy, and lifeless. I prefer the color image.

Unknown said...

The book is already lacking juicy stories like drunken co-workers bashing each other.

Please make it at least colorful as to not make readers fall asleep. I do like the blue sky theme, it wakes you up.

Arael said...

I also prefer the blue one.